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BOOKS | Training In Aging

Publication # 320, ISBN: 1-880115-05-0, Paper, 95 pp, 8 x 10, $24.95

Communication Series Workbook

This in-service training guide teaches communication skills to direct-care staff members in short, clear, and concise ways which can be used in daily work routines. While initially designed for nursing homes and other institutional settings this book provides basic communication skills training for direct care staff.

Table of Contents:


Purpose: To equip direct-care staff with practical gerontological communication skills.

A. Myths of Aging

B. Psychological and Social Needs of Institutionalized Aged

C. Developing Improved Communication Patterns



Purpose: To acquaint direct-care staff with communication techniques designed to foster institutionalized aged resident’s sense of independence.

A. I Messages

B. Listening Skills

C. Reality Orientation Techniques



Purpose: To address issues of job burnout/turnover, and to present strategies for reduction

A. Lowering Your Stress Level With Residents

B. Lowering Your Stress Level With Supervisors and Co-workers

C. Personal Stress Management Techniques



Purpose: To Introduce direct-care staff to communication barriers due to cultural differences and offer techniques for overcoming racial barriers.

A. Age and Cultural Differences

B. Stereotypical Racial Attitudes

C. Cultural Body Language

Actual Unsolicited Reader Reviews

“This book will help me (nursing home assistant) better understand some of the every day problems that do happen in a nursing home.”

“The book made good points. Good fundamental basis for level I nursing assistants.”

“Section #1 (Myths of Aging) was a good solid introduction which most nursing assistants never get, and it set the tone and the theme for the other 3 sections.”

“I think the communication series will help nursing assistants. I also feel it would make a great introduction to certified nursing assistant classes which would be particularly good for brand new people just entering a nursing assistant job.”

“It was the first book I have ever read on this topic (Interracial Communication). It was informative.”