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BOOKS | How To Find TIME for FUN

Publication # 220SE, ISBN: 978-1-880115-18-3, Paper, 76 pp, 5 x 8, $11.95

55 Easy Ways to Find More Time in a Busy Schedule

These days everyone talks about being under pressure. We talk about how little time we have. We are always in a hurry. We are always trying to catch up. If your schedule is tight and you just can’t seem to find the time to enjoy life, this book is for you! No matter how busy your schedule, this new approach to personal time management will quickly teach you new techniques.

Customer Rated

You will learn how to:

Find time for fun, at home, at work, on weekends, and while commuting

Find time to rejuvenate yourself

Find time to create a fun-filled leisure life

The author, Lisa Turner says: “Don’t forget why you are working so hard! Learn how to take time for yourself, and your family. With this book you will discover lots of practical, easy ways to reclaim some time for fun. The 55 ideas in this book will put some fun back into your life!”

Actual Unsolicited Reader Reviews

“As a very busy person, I found this book entertaining and extremely helpful. As I read though this book I started planning how I would try some of the Leisure Lady’s time saving tips in my life. I really enjoyed the sections on finding time for weekends and while commuting. This is what I call a fun read. I highly recommend this book.” R. Noe, Boston, MA

“As I read the book How To Find Time for Fun, I began thinking about how to change my daily life and reclaim some personal time. The book is amusing and helpful. It gave me some practical ideas on how to better manage my time and add some fun to my life. I laughed at some of the ideas and others I thought were tailored for me. There is good information for everyone in this book. The author made me think when she said; ‘If you leave no room in your busy schedule for rest, relaxation, and fun, what are you living for? Why are you racing so fast?’ This book has been good for me. I give it a five star rating.” S. Ayer, Phoenix AZ