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BOOKS | Self-Discipline In 10 Days

Publication # 410A, ISBN: 1-880115-10-7, Paper, 166 pp, 8 x 10, $24.95

How To Go From Thinking To Doing

New Edition! Follow the system in this book and you will achieve more self-discipline in your work life, your personal life, and any other area of your life that you choose. You will go from dreaming, thinking, and planning to doing: Fast! You will quickly start to turn your ideas into actions and achievements. You will learn to apply simple techniques that will benefit you for a lifetime. Take your first step toward self-discipline today by ordering now.

Customer Rated

You’ll Learn:

How To Overcome The 5 Common Psychological Road Blocks To Self-Discipline!

How To Identify & Rid Yourself Of The Sub-Conscious Beliefs That Sabotage Self-Discipline!

How To Program Your Psychological Functions For Maximum Self-Discipline!

How To Use Simple Time Management Techniques!

“Well known Human Behavior Specialist Theodore Bryant, MSW, has developed an exciting new book that will multipy your powers of self-discipline in just 10 days. The system in his book is based on years of experience conducting self-discipline classes, workshops, and seminars. Don’t miss this opportunity to take control of your life.”—HUB Publishing

Discounts available for groups, classes, and non-profit programs—10 book minimum—call HUB Publishing.

Actual Unsolicited Reader Reviews

“A simple and to-the-point guidebook to creating self-discipline in your life.” Dr. Edward Meeker, Psychologist, Oakland, California.

“This book rules. I predict that word-of-mouth will make it a top seller for years to come. I really like the clear explanations and specific directions. The author teaches a super-easy self-discipline system. First, he simplifies the psychological process of self-discipline. Then he shows you how to immediately increase your self-discipline power and apply it to any thing you want to. I highly recommend this book to people who want to turn up their self-discipline a couple of notches. And here is a message for all you thinkers, dreamers, or even couch potatoes who are ready to transform your ideas into action: Buy this book now! You can thank me later.” M. Rubin, Bainbridge Island, Wa.

“Very applicable. I am now reading the book for the second time. The author does a very good job at getting you to do the exercises. You are very inspired by this book and truly believe that you can become a better worker.” lotor2 from Massillon, OH.

“I bought this book to help me stop procrastinating and wasting valuable time worrying about things and just putting other things before my work. I still have a little trouble applying the last two sections in the book but I am gonna keep reading and going over the information until I got it stuck as a habit. Self-Discipline is something you can learn. It just takes some work. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!” Anonymous unsolicited reader review.

“What a diamond. This book is by far the best self help book I have read to date. I do not have the time to write a lengthy in depth review, all I can say is GET IT!!” Mrs. Neal, USA

Amazon 5 Star Reviewer: “This is a book that aims to help you improve your self-discipline by carefully guiding you along a series of mental blocks that stop you from being disciplined.
The author very cleverly uses the typography in order to draw your attention to key points. Although the text seems unassuming at first, an awful lot of trial-and-error must have flown into this book as it almost at every stage seems to know what you’re thinking and, based on that, guides you in the right direction.
Personally, I am awed by the spot-on analysis of the way that I’m thinking and how that blocked me from doing the things that I want to do. Although striving for “self-discipline” sounds strict and funless, I actually feel liberated after reading this book and even starting to apply the lessons learned. For me the book worked wonders and I am now getting things done that used to lie around for years.” A reader from Bonn, NRW Deutschland.

Amazon 5 Star Reviewer: “Success, step by step. I recently read a friend’s copy of this book and also just ordered my own, I liked it so much. Those of you who have read some of my other reviews on Amazon will see that I’m a big proponent of self-discipline being the key to success in any area of your life. This book shows you how to actually acquire the discipline that you need, and gives you a concrete plan to do so. If you feel that your success in any area of your life is lacking, give this excellent book a shot…you will not be disappointed!” jkmoens, Rock Island, IL.