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BOOKS | Luxury Leisure for Le$$

Publication # 210, ISBN: 1-880115-01-8, Paper, 125 pp, 8 x 10, $19.95

Guidebook to Cheap Travel Thrills

This complete guidebook is packed with tips and techniques that will teach you how to save lots of money while showing you sensational new ways to enjoy your free time. For over a decade leisure expert Lisa Turner, The Leisure Lady, has been showing radio, television, and newspaper audiences how to find exhilarating low-cost leisure activities. Now with the best of her super leisure secrets in your hands, you can create fun and excitement in your life without busting your budget!

Customer Rated

You’ll Learn How To:

Discover low-cost leisure

Stretch your leisure dollars

Use basic Luxury Leisure tips

Find pleasure-without busting your budget

Put fun back into your weekend

Media Reviews:

“The Leisure Lady teaches you how to ‘Get off your dime & enjoy your leisure time.”—Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“She makes a business out of finding good, cheap fun.”—Journal-American, Bellevue, Wa

“There’s a gold mine of freebies out there; and here’s how to find them.”—RAVE magazine

Actual Unsolicited Reader Reviews

“I highly recommend Luxury Leisure for Less. First, it gave me lots of quick and easy ways to convert my few free hours into fun; pure refreshing, rejuvenating, relaxing, refueling fun! Second, it showed me how to do it on a shy budget (always a few dollars shy of current admission prices). Third, it taught me how to work around high prices while finding more fun in life than ever before. The Leisure Lady knows her stuff. I recovered the cost of the book the first time I tried one of her “price busting” techniques.” K. Solman, Bangor, ME

“After reading Luxury Leisure for Less, I found myself getting excited about all the low-cost activities I would have on my kitchen calendar in a couple of months. I think this book has timeless information that can be used by anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money to have fun. The information provided in this book could be used in the city or in the country—it is universal information. I even plan to use some of the basics leisure for less tips during my next vacation to Paris.” Alice Hanson, Seattle, WA